Bryna Siegel

Dr. Siegel's Approach:

Each Child Is Different

What we call ‘Autism’ really is a collection of ‘autistic learning disabilities’ and ‘autistic learning styles.’ For each child, uncovering what these are allows for truly individualized treatment.

Autism Family Wellness

To act as if ‘Autism’ affects only the child is to ignore all the help that is needed, and the good that can be done by educating parents, supporting siblings, and building family and community supports.

The Politics of Autism

(Oxford University Press, 2018)

Autism priorities — in diagnosis, treatment, and research have been battered by lobbies, internet special interests, and popular myths. The Politics of Autism addresses false news about fake ‘cures’ and examines public education for autism that fails to prepare those with autism for adulthood. The Politics of Autism reexamines investment in basic science over investing in improving the lives of children and adults living with autism.