Current Activities

Speaking Engagements

The Politics of Autism Topics
• Is there really more autism? Epidemiology vs. changing social norms
• Changing autism education to change adult outcomes: Academics vs. daily livings skills and vocational skills
• Autism's fake news: The draw of complementary and alternative medicine and the never-ending ‘vaccine wars’
• Shifting research priorities to benefit those living with autism: Basic science vs. those living with autism today

Parent Groups Topics
• Autism family wellness: Parents helping their children, parents helping themselves
• Evidence-based treatment: Integrating behavioral and development strategies
• The ‘dusty’ crystal ball and lifespan planning for autism: what we know from longitudinal research

Autism Education Topics
• Autism screening and diagnosis: What does ‘more’ autism mean for educators?
• Linking assessment to IEPs: Using testing results to define achievable benchmarks for children with autism
• Developmentally–based planning: Knowing how much to expect and in which domains
• Illusions of inclusion: Developmental based peer integration vs. grade level inclusion
• Autistic learning disabilities, autistic learning styles model: Developing a child's self-accomodations and self-initiative
• Social policy for autism in the schools: Academic skills vs. preparation for adulthood

Medical: Child Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Pediatric Neurology Groups Topics
• Diagnosing ‘normal’: Implications from epidemiology or clinical care
• Evidence-based treatment practice: Integrating behavioral, psychoeducational and psychopharmacological approaches
• Making ABA therapy developmental: Knowing what to start and when to change treatment goals


• Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)
• Model classroom development: Adaptive skills, functional academics, and prevocational job sampling
• Case consultation for pupils with an autism spectrum disorder

• Educational due process: Plaintiff and defendant work ‘In the best interest of the child
• Independent mental examination (IME): Record review, developmental analysis of progress • Civil and educational litigation consultation
• Custody consultant for families living with autism

Other Areas
• Corporate investment consulting
• Social policy consulting

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Autism Center of Northern California

JumpStart Learning to Learn (ACNC JSLTL)

What is Jump Start?

  • Intensive ‘front end’ parent training program for families with a newly diagnosed child with autism
  • A unique one week / 30 hour program for one set of parents and their child working directly with one interventionist at a time to develop their child's learning readiness, play, and social interaction
  • Parents are enabled to effectively ‘wrap around’ professional treatment, and become knowledgeable advocates for their child

Neurodevelopmental Assessment and Autism Home Clinic

Not just diagnostic assessments, but follow up on care plans

Autism treatment is behavioral and educational, autism treatment is seldom linked to medical center based diagnostic services where there is little educational or behavioral expertise. At NDAC, Dr. Siegel has developed a model that acknowledges parents need not just a diagnosis, but need to know what to do about it.

It is one thing to get a diagnosis, another the be referred to appropriate services, and still another to be given explicit treatment strategies for your child. NDAC and the Autism Home Clinics at ACNC have been designed by Dr. Siegel to meet these needs, and to provide follow up planning as a child develops and his treatment needs change.